Advertising is all about curiosity.
Now, it‘s easier to awaken it, thanks to DisaPeel™.

DisaPeel™ is a new sealing method from WRH Marketing AG. The invisible adhesive holds the separate pages of the print product together. Only after they are parted, the content can be seen. The surprise is instantaneous. Once opened, DisaPeel™ loses its stickiness and the pages can no longer be joined. Which means that the advertising message stays with the target audience all the more.
DisaPeel™ is a varnish-like, transparent glue that‘s applied to the surface of the whole page. When developing print products, the full design scope is not only maintained but now, because of DisaPeel™, it has been enriched by a new and exciting component. With its one-of-a-kind adhesive properties, DisaPeel™ functions like a seal, providing a clear indication that a print product has been opened.
The brand name DisaPeel™ expresses all the properties of the adhesive: closed advertising is “appealing”, in that it promises to deliver more information about the advertised product. Separation of the pages by “peeling” is gentle on the product and does not adversely affect the printed image. After peeling, the adhesive effect of DisaPeel™ “disappears” completely. All that remains is a clean, writeable paper surface with either a semi- or full -gloss finish, depending on which of the two available DisaPeel™ types is used.
DisaPeel™ is applied to the whole format area in sheet-fed offset printing machines equipped with a varnishing unit. DisaPeel™ processing is inline and part of the standard printing process, and thus saves time and money. The adhesive develops its unique effect only after contact is made during the folding process between the two sides coated with DisaPeel™. Stack formation on the printing machine‘s delivery table is problem -free, and the printed sheets can be subjected to finishing in the usual way.

DisaPeel™ applications are widespread and diverse
– Advertising brochures
– Advertising flyers, including scratch panels
– Print products with confidential data (once open, DisaPeel™ cannot be closed again)
– Reply cards and subscriber coupons
– Print products in the direct-mail sector

To find out more about DisaPeel™, contact
WRH Marketing AG
Eduard Dengel
Phone +41 44 938 70 00

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